Ametek Thermox - Furnace and Inert Atmosphere Control Analyzers

Analyzers for Combustion Premix Burner Stations
  • PreMix 2000 analyzer - continuous feedback of excess oxygen or excess fuel resultant from air to fuel ratio settings on premix burner station output.
  • CMFA-P2000 - capable of measuring excess oxygen in post combustion flue gas or excess oxygen to excess fuel in premixed combustion samples feeding forehearth zones.
Analyzers for inert gas atmospheres
  • Oxygen analyzers with wide operating range (0.1 ppm to 100% O2, autoranging), fast response to oxygen changes, easy system integration
  • Hydrogen analyzer that functions as a katharometer
Analyzers for Flame Treating, Reducing/Oxidizing Atmospheres and Stoichiometric A/F Ratio
  • S A/F IQ  - takes separate streams of the fuel and air supplies, mixes and ignites them internally and measures the products of combustion
  • WDG IVM  - measures oxygen, combustibles and methane in natural gas-fired applications