Ametek Thermox - Oxygen and Combustibles Measurement for Combustion Efficiency

Direct In-situ Flue Gas Oxygen Analyzers
  • WDG Insitu Probes  - Direct-sensing insitu probe for applications where flue gas temperature < 1472°F (800°C)
  • Insitu Replacement Probes  - Replaces Westinghouse/Hagan, Rosemount WC3000 probes, utilizing existing electronics with WDG-Insitu
Continuous Loop Eductor Analyzers for Gas/Oil/Coal-Fired Power Generation and Refinery Boilers and Process Heaters
  • PPM O2 analyzers
  • In inert blanketing gases and extended-range oxygen analyzers for monitoring premix burner atmospheres in:
  • Glass, metal, and ceramics coating, curing and surface treating furnaces
  • Combustibles and oxygen measurement on applications in cement/lime kilns, foundry/metals production furnaces, coal, wood waste/heavy oil-fired boilers, black liquor recovery boilers