Eastern Instruments

  • Specialists in air flow measurement and solutions for industrial and power applications
  • Very low upstream and downstream installation requirements
  • Plug Resist – No impact ports for a plug-resistant design
  • Low Unrecovered Pressure Loss – negligible pressure loss
  • VAP Insertion Pitots - highly Accurate - +\- 2.00%, round & rectangular Ducts - 6 inch to 240 inch
  • DSV Duct Section Pitots - accuracy of 2-4% when calibrated, round & rectangular Ducts - 6 inch to 72 inch
  • HBP High Beta Process - accuracy 1-2% over a broad range of flow (from 2500 to 12500 ft/min), minimal duct run requirements (typically less than 1 upstream/downstream), round ducts from 6 inch to 36 inch
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  • Eastern Instruments Line Card
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Industrial Air Flow
  • Can measure nearly any flow of air in nearly any industry
  • Includes insertion style pitots, spooled duct sections with integral pitots
  • Flow conditioning devices for applications where proper upstream/downstream straight duct runs are not present
Power Air Flow
  • Assists in controlling the air/fuel stock ratio during the combustion phase of power generation
Specialty Air Flow
  • For conditions too harsh for standard air flow measurement devices