Guided Wave

  • Complete near infrared (NIR) and UV/Vis analyzer systems for continuous, real-time online monitoring. 
  • Optically matched probes, flow cells and fiber optic cabling
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  • Guided Wave Line Card
  • Based on NIR (near-infrared) and UV/Vis (ultraviolet and visible) spectroscopic techniques
  • Either full spectrum devices or photometers
Sample Interfaces (Flows and Probes)
  • Virtual “windows into the process” and is a critical component of any optical analyzer system
  • Sample interfaces are designed for use with NIR or UV/Vis fiber optic coupled analyzers
Fiber Optic Cables
  • Fiber optics designed for signal stability and low noise in remote spectroscopy
  • Polyimide coating and a silicone based buffer protect the fiber
  • Patented buffer also contains a light blocking layer to reduce stray light
  • UV fiber is solarization resistant