Guided Wave - Analyzers

  • Based on NIR (near-infrared) and UV/Vis (ultraviolet and visible) spectroscopic techniques
  • Either full spectrum devices or photometers
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  • Guided Wave Line Card
Filter Photometer
  • Limited Number of Discreet Wavelengths
  • Limited Adaptability - Applications Limited to Wavelengths Available, Limited Programming Capability
  • None or Limited Outlier Detection
Full Spectrum Analyzers
  • All Wavelengths Available
  • Adaptive - Multiple Applications Possible, Full Programming Capability
  • Full Outlier Detection
Packaged Solutions
  • Turnkey solutions for a) measurement of hydrogen peroxide and water vapor and b) analyzers for the oil industries
  • Specially configured photometer designed to monitor copper and acid concentration in an electrochemical deposition process