Industrial Air Flow

Eastern Instruments
  • Eastern Instruments line of industrial air flow measurement devices can measure nearly any flow of air in nearly any industry.
  • The industrial air flow product line includes insertion style pitots, spooled duct sections with integral pitots, as well as flow conditioning devices for applications where the proper upstream/downstream straight duct runs are not present.
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VAP 3 Industrial
  • Designed for easy installation, via ports, directly in to new or existing duct work.
  • Insertion of a VAP3® Pitot will ensure an accurate differential pressure output that allows for precise airflow measurement and control of your process.;
  • Pitot is designed to perform particularly well in both clean air applications and in heavily particulate-laden applications and can be adapted for use in applications where pitot freezing is a concern.
  • Insertion Pitot is a great choice if you are looking for an economical and highly accurate method of measuring air flow in ducts with adequate straight duct runs upstream and downstream.
DSV Duct section VAP Industrial
  • The DSV incorporates straightening vanes and a VAP3® Pitot array within a spooled duct section to make installation of the VAP3® Pitot even easier.
  • Quickly bolted in place for new ductwork or can be retrofitted into existing duct work for simple and accurate air flow measurement.
  • Designed for both clean air and particulate-laden air flow measurement applications, the DSV is an accurate, no-hassle air flow measurement device for ducts with adequate straight duct runs upstream and/or downstream.
  • Omnidirectional audible signal designed for use in hazardous or harsh environments.
HBP High Beta
  • As not all ductwork allows for proper upstream and downstream straight duct runs, a flow conditioning device is often needed for profiling air flow at the point of flow measurement.
  • Proprietary-designed flow conditioning device, designed to eliminate cyclonic, turbulent and reverse flow, while minimizing pressure loss in almost any installation, including those with relatively few or almost no straight duct runs either upstream or downstream.
  • Integrates flow-straightening vanes and a flow-profiling section with the precise measurement accuracy of the VAP3® Pitot to offer flow conditioning and accurate air flow measurement, even when placed directly downstream of an elbow, damper or other duct obstruction.
  • Comes in standard sizes that allow the delivery of accurate air flow measurement without the longer lead times associated with custom designs