M4 Knick - Sensors

M4 Knick - pH Sensors
  • pH Product Selection Guide
  • Perfect galvanic isolation due to Memosens technology
  • No influence from moisture in the connector
  • Pre-calibration in the shop or lab
M4 Knick - ORP and (pH & ORP)
  • Heavy duty ORP electrode designed for highly contaminated media and high-pressure applications with pressure fluctuations.
  • The state-of-the-art polymer electrolyte of the reference system provides good longterm stability.
  • The 2-hole junction prevents plugging in applications containing solids. The platinum electrode is insensitive to oxidizing acids even at elevated temperatures.
Conductivity Sensors
  • Conductivity Sensor Selection Guide
  • Large measuring range due to 4-electrode technology
  • Measurement at high temperatures and pressures
  • Slim, ultracompact design 1 inch (25 mm) diameter
M4 Knick - Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
  • Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Selection Guide
  • Provide reliable in-line measurement of dissolved oxygen, even under sterile and hygienic conditions
  • Offer high signal stability and simple maintenance due to their modular design
  • Have a special membrane with steel mesh and PTFE coating
  • Sterilizable, autoclavable and CIP capable and are suitable for use in hazardous locations