Process Sensors - Infrared Temperature Sensors

  • Self-contained, high accuracy pyrometer with multiple analog & digital inputs/outputs. Features adj. focus optics with laser, thru lens, & color video sighting.
  • Self contained 2/4 wire sensor with dual lasers, small spot sizes, built-in relay, on-board emissivity adjust. & IR sensor parameter adjust. software. Variety of wavelengths. Temp. ranges -20 to 2912 F.
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Process Sensors - IR Temperature Sensors
  • Sensors for multiple industries and applications
  • Metals/Steel, General Purpose, Glass Surface and Subsurface, Solar/ Semiconductor
Process Sensors - Polaris Series
  • Cost-efficient and accurate non contact infrared temperature switching device
  • Precise detection of polished, bright metal parts
  • Focus distances range from 6.7" (170 mm) to 79" (2000mm)
Process Sensors - IR Scanners
  • The line scanner accessory Galaxy greatly enhances the potential applications of the Metis line of pyrometers. Or, if the object is moving, it creates a two-dimensional thermographic image from a profile measurement.
  • This process is made possible by a mirror which tilts precisely in the cone of vision of the pyrometer. The temperature profile acquired by means of the tilting movement is displayed on the screen or can be used as analog output signal.
  • When measuring stationary objects, this accessory allows a profiled temperature measurement based on individual data points.
Process Sensors - Handheld Digital Infrared Thermometers
  • Versatile non-contact, portable digital infrared thermometer
  • Sccurate measurement and data logging of surface temperature.