Process Sensors - Thermal Imaging

  • PSC’s IR Imaging Cameras are compact, radiometric and enable the operator to view and measure thousands of temperature points, line profiles or user selectable areas or regions of interest (ROI’s) defined by a maximum, minimum or average temperature within these regions.
  • The smart technology and space saving design of each model brings new meaning to the word “simplicity” and sets a benchmark for quality and performance.
  • An entire line of flow measurement devices from insertion style pitots to flow conditioning devices and more.
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  • Process Sensors Line Card
  • PTI170
  • PTI160
  • PTI160V
Process Sensors - Portable Thermal Imaging System
  • Comprehensive range of imaging and line scanning camera systems to continuously monitor and control industrial processes.
  • These state of the art camera systems provide real-time thermography with an astonishing 128 Hz frame rate.
  • The systems can be remotely triggered to respond to fast occurring events, initiating alarms, outputs or capturing and recording data to a network for later retrieval and analysis.
  • The Surveyor camera series can be switched in the field to a line scanner mode, which allows the camera to perform as a line scan camera.
Process Sensors - Blackbody Calibration Sources
  • To calibrate infrared pyrometers and thermal imaging systems accurately, it is necessary to have a source of IR radiance that is controlled and predictable.
  • PSC-BBS series of blackbody calibration sources provide a target of known emissivity, temperature and aperture size.
  • These blackbodies can also provide calibration traceability to certified laboratories and national standards.