Thermo Texas Nuclear Kay/Ray Sensall

  • Gamma based density & level systems
  • Flow, Density, and Level Measurement
  • Non-contacting process density gauges
  • Point Level measurement on tanks, bins, hoppers, pipes, chutes or other vessels to sense the level of liquids, slurries, and solids
  • Density Transmitters for existing process pipes, eliminating the need for pipe modification and process downtime
  • Measure the density or level of thick, highly viscous process materials in the largest tanks and pipes
  • Scintillation-based detectors with the power of a “smart” transmitter in an explosion proof housing
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Thermo TNKRS - Gamma Density Meters
  • Increase safety and lower capital costs with easy-to-use, non-contacting process density gauges
  • Offers accurate density measurements, capable of the highest precision at the widest temperature range
Gamma Level Meters
  • Non-contacting gauges that provide highly precise online measurement of density and level in the largest tanks and pipes
  • Non-contacting devices that enable refiners to maximize coke drum output per cycle while significantly reducing anti-foam usage
  • Non-contacting, non-invasive point level switches for high- or low-level indication