• Sealed feedthroughs, essential for when probes, sensors, electrodes, wires and other types of static elements need to be sealed as they pass through a pressure or environmental boundary.
  • Feedthrough assemblies are pressure rated up to 10,000 psi and can be used in applications at a maximum temp of +1,600°F (+870°C), dependent on the type of feedthrough and sealant material specified
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  • Spectite Line Card
Spectite - Single/Multiple Probe Feedthrough Glands
  • Can measure nearly any flow of air in nearly any industry
  • Includes insertion style pitots, spooled duct sections with integral pitots
  • Flow conditioning devices for applications where proper upstream/downstream straight duct runs are not present
Spectite - Single/Multiple Bare and Insulated Wire Feedthrough Glands
  • Assists in controlling the air/fuel stock ratio during the combustion phase of power generation
Spectite - High Current Electrode Feedthrough Glands
  • For conditions too harsh for standard air flow measurement devices