Swan - Pharma Water - Conductivity & Resistivity

  • The monitoring of “Purified Water” of “Water for Injection” in the pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated.
  • These instruments comply with the highest pharmacopoeia standards.
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swan transmitter AMI Pharmacon
  • Designed for pharmaceutical applications with 2 signal outputs and 2 contact relays.
  • The USP alert can be selected as a percentage ratio.
  • TElectronic transmitter for the measurement of conductivity in pharmaceutical applications
swan transmitter AMU Pharmacon
Transmitter AMU Pharmacon
  • Electronic transmitter for panel insertion.
  • Measurement of conductivity in pharmaceutical applications.
swansensor Pharmacon SAN
Swansensor PHARMACON
  • The solution of all your pharmaceutical water measurement. The SWAN Sensor with 1 ½” sanitary clap connection.
  • A state of the art sensor for all sanitary water application. With short fix cable for easy installation.
  • The durable connector allowes a disconnection for USP transmitter validation.
  • Cables with different lengths are available.
swansensor pharmacon NPT
  • Two-electrode conductivity sensor for the inline measurement of purified water and water for injection of pharmaceutical water.
  • A state of the Art sensor for all WFI and Ultra Pure Water application. The NPT adaption allows a huge installation range in steel and PVDF tubes.
  • Detailed certificates are delivered with the sensor.
swan QA Monitor AMI INSPECTOR Pharmacon
  • Portable inspection equipment for quality assurance of conductivity in pharma-water.
  • Conductivity measurement range: 0.055 to 1'000 µS/cm
  • Rechargeable battery for stand-alone operation for at least 24 hours.