Chandler Engineering

  • Dew point testers, moisture analyzers, natural gas chromatographs, liquid densitometers, and gas gravitometers.
  • Gas Chromatographs for Natural Gas
  • Ranarex Gas Gravitometer
  • Liquid Densitometers
  • Moisture Analyzers Gas Phase Portable
  • Water and Hydrocarbon Dew Point for Natural Gas

Model 292B Portable BTU Analyzer Chromatograph

  • Determine individual component percentages in natural gas: heating value (BTU), relative density, compressibility, and Wobbe values.
  • Online Natural Gas
  • Portable Natural Gas

Portable Ranarex Gas Gravitometers

  • Measure specific gravity of gases as compared to air
  • When the gravimetric principle can be applied, Ranarex gravitometers excel over more complex and costly analyzers in total performance

ChanScope II Dew Point Tester

  • Designed to meet the need for a user friendly dew point tester.
  • Measures the dew point of the sample gas through the use of a chilled mirror as required by ASTM D1142.

Standard Bureau of Mines Dew Point Tester

  • Chilled mirror device for the determination of the hydrocarbon dew point of natural gas