IR3 Flame Detectors

  • IR3 flame detectors provide detection of characteristic infrared radiation
  • They detect hydrocarbon fuel and gas fires at long distances and provide the highest immunity to false alarms with their triple spectrum design
    • IR3 flame detectors compare three specific wavelength bands within the IR spectral region
    • One sensor “looks” at the 4.4 um range
    • Two other sensors at reference bands – above and below
  • This allows the detector to distinguish between non flame IR sources and flames that emit hot CO2 in the combustion process

Draeger Product Catalog

Draeger Flame 2500

  • Fast and reliable detection
  • Prevention of false alarms
  • Robust and resistant
  • Simple check

Draeger Flame 2570

  • Very fast and safe detection
  • Less false alarms
  • Robust and durable
  • Easy inspection

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