Process Sensors

  • Infrared temperature measurement and thermal imaging products
  • Non-contact infrared temperature sensors to meet OEM price/performance requirements.
  • For Environmental monitoring, Natural gas utilities, Power generation & Processing, Pulp & Paper manufacturing and other industries.

Process Sensors Product Overview

IR Temperature Sensors

  • Infrared temperature measurement sensors for multiple industries and applications
  • Varied wavelengths, temperature ranges and response times

Thermal Imaging Camera Systems

  • The Process Sensors Surveyor camera series offers a comprehensive range of imaging and line scanning camera systems to continuously monitor and control industrial processes.

Blackbody Calibration Sources

  • To calibrate infrared pyrometers and thermal imaging systems accurately, it is necessary to have a source of IR radiance that is controlled and predictable.
  • PSC-BBS series of blackbody calibration sources provide a target of known emissivity, temperature and aperture size.
  • These blackbodies can also provide calibration traceability to certified laboratories and national standards.

Portable IR Thermometers

  • Our portable IR thermometers are versatile and non-contact
  • Accurate measurement and data logging of surface temperatures

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