LC-D Series Residual Gas Analyzer

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The LC-D Series Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) offers outstanding performance, yet is priced to be the most cost-effective RGA on the market.

The LC-D Series RGA includes Dycor’s 1-100 AMU-range open ion source analyzer head with dual filaments and Faraday cup detector, electrometer preamplifier, and RF power supply with an Ethernet port for interfacing to a PC. Options include 1-200 AMU range and 1-300 AMU range, and channel plate electron multiplier.

  • Alarms – Every data channel has low, low warning, high warning, and high alarms.
  • Auto Tune – Automatically sets RF-tune, mass position and resolution.
  • Printing – Print one, some, or all data displays.
  • Ethernet Connectivity – 10/100BASE-T Ethernet – Auto-Sensing.

Software Features

  • Ethernet Connectivity: 10/100BASE-T Ethernet – Auto-Sensing
  • Variety of operating modes including Analog and Bar, Meter, Annunciator, Tabular, Trend, and Leak Detection
  • Custom modes to combine display windows from other modes
  • Data that can be viewed in real time or saved to a file for later retrieval and comparison with current spectra
  • Auto-Tune capabilities to ensure high quality, repeatable data
  • Library Mode for comparison between collected sample spectra and stored library spectra. Facilitated by split-screen display
  • OPC, MODBUS & Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) automation
  • Alarms: Low, Low Warning, High Warning, High