PSC-BBS 1150 and 1700 Mid to High Temperature Calibration Source

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Two Blackbodies perfect for mid to high temperature applications. User selectable temperature set points within 200° to 1150°C (BBS1150) or 300° to 1700°C (BBS1700). Simply adjust the set point on the precision digital PID controller to any temperature within the specified temperature ranges and the two BlackBodies should stablize and begin reading.

The PSC Model BBS 1150 will attain the set point temperature, stabilize and produce the radiometric temperature readings necessary for precision calibration of non-contact infrared thermometers, thermal imaging detectors/camera, focal plane array detectors, heat flux meters, spectrophotometers and optical devices.

Upon reaching the user selectable set point temperature, the model BBS 1700 will stabilize and produce a temperature reading to within 0.5°C, assuring high accuracy calibration of non-contact infrared thermometers, thermal imaging camera systems, focal plane array detectors, spectro-photometers, etc.

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