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  • Versatile metering options for liquid, gas, cryogenic and steam applications
  • Extensive inventory, most products are in stock for immediate shipment
  • High Accuracy Meters - Delivers 0.5% or better accuracy for liquid applications.
  • Gas Meters - Durable, rugged meters delivering +/- 1% accuracy for gas measurement.
  • Cryogenic Meters - Documented +/- 0.5% calibration, and temperature range of -450º F to 450º F.

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Liquid Turbine Flowmeter

Turbine flow meters are ideal for oil and gas applications, agricultural and agrichemical applications, chemical processing, wineries and breweries, and a host of other custody transfer applications. Our products deliver the accuracy, reliability, and precise measurement required for the most demanding and high-scale applications.

Flow Monitors

The Turbines, Inc. Series flow monitors provides a robust low cost monitor solution ideal for the demands of field applications in need of a dependable local output for instantaneous rate and total flow monitoring.

Gas Turbine Flowmeters

The TMG Series gas turbine flow meter delivers accurate measurement in a variety of applications. This durable meter is designed to with stand rugged conditions and deliver accurate results over a long service life.

Cryogenic Flow Measurement

The cryogenic turbine flow meters have an all stainless steel body and shaft, with a nickel rotor in all available line sizes. Turbines, Inc.’s cryogenic meters can handle a temperature range of -450º F to +450º F, making them the ideal meters for extreme temperature applications.

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