Draeger Flame Detection

  • Patented optical flame detection
    • No false alarms from reflected heat/energy, humidity, rain, or snow
    • Video output and capture show and document alarm events
    • Works seamlessly with industry-standard fire alarm panels and other safety systems/PLCs
    • Class 1, Div 1, FM certified for silane
  • UV, IR, UV/IR and IR3 available for applications to detect invisible flames (where optical flame detection can’t be used)

UV-IR Flame Detection

  • Can detect hydrocarbon-based fuel and gas fires, invisible flames, and fires from hydrides, ammonia, silane and other organics

Optical Flame Detection

  • Discriminates between a genuine fire and other radiant sources that cause conventional detectors to produce unwanted false alarms
  • Visual flame detector and a closed circuit television camera (CCTV) in one
  • Safest and most advanced flame detection system available, and is proven reliable and robust, even in the harshest environment

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