Monitors and HMI Solutions

  • With VisuNet, Pepperl+Fuchs solves the environmental challenges and obstacles presented by taking HMIs into hazardous areas with simple and safe communication technologies. The core VisuNet communication technologies draw on decades of experience and expertise in hazardous locations. Depending on your application, select a communication technology from our family of industrial solutions so that each workstation is a perfect fit for your HMI visualization infrastructure.
  • Every VisuNet HMI solution is built upon our commitment to innovation and process safety. From a network remote monitor, to a fully enclosed custom operator workstation, each unit has been designed to meet the rigorous demands of real-time process control:
    • Globally certified units for Zone 1 and 2 and Division 1 and 2
    • Longevity and high performance
    • Trusted protection

Monitors and HMI Solutions Product guide

Pepperl+Fuchs Monitors HMI Solutions Monitors


KVM Monitors

  • For connections where the host PC does not need to be positioned close to the monitor, (Cat5 up to 120 meters, fiber optic up to 400 meters) a KVM extension is used. The KVM is like an electronic extension cord that is transparent to the display and computer.

Panel PCs

  • For network-based operator workstations, an industrial-grade PC and monitor with an open, fully configurable and accessible operating system is available. These panel PCs are suited to be used as stand-alone solutions. They use standard Ethernet for communication—networking, USB, and serial connections to connect to other systems like PLCs.

Remote Monitors

  • Our VisuNet remote monitors are patented, industry-grade, thin client solutions that are tailored for process automation systems. In contrast to KVM systems, multiple RM workstations can connect to a server or servers on the same network. Distance between remote monitor and host PC can be virtually unlimited.
Pepperl+Fuchs Monitors HMI Solutions Thin Client

Thin Client

  • Thin clients represent a powerful computing technology enabling users to access virtualized applications and information that runs on centralized servers. They don’t feature HDDs or fans so they are extremely economical.
  • Thin clients are an important part of the DCS virtualization strategy, and are regarded as a cornerstone of the continuous change towards Industry 4.0/Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Pepperl+Fuchs offers an industrial box thin client that is specifically tailored for these harsh industrial environments. This industrial box thin client provides the latest technology inside a compact, ruggedized aluminum housing that can withstand the stress of challenging ambient conditions. It is engineered for extended longevity and reliability, meets performance requirements for virtualized or web-based infrastructure, and supports centralized management software for thin client architectures.
Pepperl+Fuchs Monitors HMI Solutions Panel Mount

Panel Mount

  • VisuNet industrial monitors and panel PCs are constructed for process control. Each and every industrial monitor is manufactured to meet rigid safety and mechanical tolerances. Whether your application is corrosive and grimy or designated as a hazardous location, we have the right solution to meet your needs.
  • The trend towards decentralization of visualization and control seeks to minimize equipment exposure to harsh environments and mitigates risk by making process control more accessible.  VisuNet industrial monitors and panel PCs are a key component in remote visualization because they’ve been engineered to endure harsh, unyielding environments. Hot or cold, dirty, dusty, wet, or grimy process surroundings are no match for the resilience of the VisuNet industrial design.
Pepperl+Fuchs Monitors HMI Solutions Monitors


  • VisuNet operator workstations are rugged and sleek. Our HMIs serve highly specialized markets with innovative products designed to meet the needs of the hazardous and industrial process markets.
  • Regulated industries like pharmaceutical and fine chemicals use VisuNet GXP and GMP  for hazardous area process and batch control,  and for hygienic clean room applications.
  • The trend towards the decentralization of monitoring and control tasks seeks to minimize equipment exposure to harsh environments and mitigates risk by making process control more accessible. VisuNet operator workstations are a key component in remote visualization and are engineered to endure harsh, unyielding environments.

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