Gas Drying and Humidification

  • Wide range of Gas Sample Drying products that can be tailor-made for your application
  • MD Series™ and PD Series™ dryers are the ideal choice for drying gas samples prior to analysis
  • Perma Pure dryers can reduce the sample dew point to as low as -45°C without any measurable loss of analytes

Gas Sample Dryers

Series ModelFlow RatesOperating TemperaturesOperating PressuresStandard Dew Points
MD Series0-4 lpmto max. 120° C to 100 psi (absolute)to – 25° C, with – 60° C possible
MD-R Series0-4 lpmto max. 120° Cto 100 psi (absolute)to – 25° C, with – 60° C possible in special cases
PD Series1-40 lpmto max. 120° Cto 45 psi (absolute)to – 25° C, with lower values possible
MDH Seriesup to 1 lpmto max. 80° Cto 100 psi (absolute)to as low as – 10° C

Gas Humidification

Series ModelFlow RatesOperating TemperaturesMaximum Operating PressuresMaximum Differential Pressure
MH Series0-10 lpm0 – 80 C°80 psi10 psi
FC Seriesto 1000 lpm120°C to 230°C230°C
ME Series0-10 lpm

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