• Sealed feedthroughs, essential for when probes, sensors, electrodes, wires and other types of static elements need to be sealed as they pass through a pressure or environmental boundary.
  • Feedthrough assemblies are pressure rated up to 10,000 psi and can be used in applications at a maximum temp of +1,600°F (+870°C), dependent on the type of feedthrough and sealant material specified
  • Offers a variety of thread sizes; 1/8”, ¼”, 3/8”, ½” and ¾” NPT
  • Sealant Materials in Graphite, Teflon, Lava, Neoprene and Viton


Spectite Series PF

Single/Multiple Probe Feedthrough Glands

  • Series PF - designed for sealing single elements, usually sensors, probes or tubes, where they penetrate a pressure or environmental boundary.
  • Series MF - feedthroughs that can seal multiple elements within a single assembly.
  • Series PSF and MSF - feedthroughs are similar to series MF feedthroughs, but have split internal components.

Spectite Series HF

Single/Multiple Bare and Insulated Wire Feedthrough Glands

  • Series HF - used for thermocouples, resistance thermometers and low voltage instrumentation.
  • Series WF - feedthroughs that can provide an efficient seal without recourse to epoxies or other non-adjustable fixture methods when multiple isolated wires must pass through a pressure boundary.
Spectite Series EF

High Current Electrode Feedthrough Glands

  • Series EF - the electrode mounted in these feedthroughs enables high voltage / current supplies in process enclosures, autoclaves, vacuum furnaces and reactor vessels to power heaters, electric motors and other devices needing high power supply. Electrodes up to 200 Amps.