919 Hot/Wet Gas Analyzer

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The 919 is specifically configured for monitoring stack emissions on a concentration basis. With the addition of an optional zirconium oxide sensor, the 919 is capable of monitoring oxygen.

Robust and reliable analyzer, the 919 has no-moving-parts, UV-based measurements do not suffer from H2O and CO2 interference. This greatly simplifies sample handling and sample integrity as there is no need for sample drying. As a fully extractive, heated wet basis analyzer, the 919s sample system components are simply heated above the dew point of the sample gas. This results in a simpler and more accurate calculation of gas concentration, requiring no corrections for condensed and dissolved components.


  • High reliability and reduced maintenance requirements through a no moving parts design
  • Hot/wet analysis prevents errors associated with:
  • Correcting for water vapor
  • Absorption losses in driers
  • Accuracy better than 2.5 ppm SO2
  • Able to measure SO2, NO, NO2, H2S, NH3 or a number of other chemicals
  • No H2O or CO2 interference
  • Automated zero and span gas calibration
  • Provides serial interface with plant DCS

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