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The CEM/Humox moisture in flue gas analyzer consists of two CEM/Oxygen (O2) sensors (one dry and one wet) and a special version of the Series 2000 control unit. It is designed to measure net O2 and moisture content in flue gas and process applications to calculate emissions on a dry or wet basis. The O2 and moisture data is used to correct emissions, assure product quality, or minimize stack corrosion. The analyzer indicates moisture, O2 wet and O2 dry concentrations in percent by volume.

Key Benefits:

  • Hot Wet or Cold Dry extractive continous emissions monitoring (CEMS)
  • O2 wet/dry calculation software for correlated
    flue gas moisture measurement


  • CEMS
  • Hot Wet extractive CEMS
  • Emissions and compliance
  • Instrumentation panels

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