High Beta Process – Round Duct

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Features & Benefits:

  • Duct Section – 24″ .707 SS High Beta duct section, available in diameters up to 36″.
  • Accuracy – Accuracy to within ±0.5% and repeatability to within ±0.1%. Testing certification in an AMCA rated test chamber is available.
  • Basic Installation – Includes a flanged duct section for easy installation, while the contained pitot array is internally manifolded and connected via through-wall fittings.
  • Material of Construction – 304 SS construction. VAP3® is manufactured of extruded 6063 series aluminum with a final process Teflon hard-anodized coating, ensuring a surface hardness of Rockwell 65C.
  • Minimal Pressure Loss – Yields a minimal pressure drop of 33% of the differential pressure.
  • Installation – Because of the DSV’s unique flanged spool section design, it can easily be bolted directly in to new or existing duct work and can be up and running in hours.
  • Lead Time – Because of the of-the-shelf design of the DSV, it can be shipped in a relatively short time upon the receipt of an order, making the DSV an extremely easy and reliable tool to meet your air flow measurement needs.
  • No Maintenance – There are no active electronic components or moving parts that are installed within the air stream, thus eliminating maintenance costs and ensuring reliability and ease-of-use.
  • Velocity Averaging Throughout Full Traverse of the Duct -VAP Pitot installations provide multiple DP sensing ports, covering the full traverse of any duct.

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