Mini-GASS 1228P

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Mini-GASS™ systems prepare hot gas sample streams for high performance gas analysis. MG-1228P Probe mounted Mini-GASS system incorporates all the features of the std MG-1228 along with a heated probe filter, heated blowback and probe in a NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure.

  • 12″w x 28″h x 7″d fiberglass enclosure w/transparent cover
  • 1/4″  inlet compression fitting
  • Heat-shrinkable conduit for heated sample line inlet
  • PID temperature controller with digital display
  • Purge gas flowmeter, pressure regulator and pressure gage
  • System ready/alarm outputs
  • Corrosion-resistant coalescing filter, 2.5″ diameter housing with borosilicate glass shell; filter element of borosilicate fiber in Teflon™ binder with 1 µm absolute porosity
  • Rated NEMA/ Type 4X
  • CE Mark approved


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