Multipoint Sampling Systems

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The Gasmet MSS is designed for continuous monitoring of multiple measuring points. It’s designed to work as an integral part of the Gasmet FCX measuring system.

  • Used for on-line measurements. It is an ideal tool to measure components of interest in ambient conditions from several measuring points.
  • Built in a wall mounted stainless steel case which includes all valves, a flow meter, a pump and a filter.
  • Standard setup includes four (4) sample gas input lines and one pump. Zero gas, span gas 1 and 2 inputs as well safety air inputs with flow meters are included as a standard.
  • The function of the MSS is fully automatic and controlled by the Calcmet software. Sample flow and instrument air pressure alarms are provided.
  • As an option MSS can be equipped up to 32 sample gas input lines and with a second sample gas pump to reduce the system response time.

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