Draeger Polytron 3000

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The Draeger Polytron® 3000 is part of a new generation of gas detectors developed on a modular platform. The Polytron® 3000 communicates to the central control system via a 4 to 20 mA signal.

The two component concept of a Docking Station and a Draeger Polytron 3000 electronics saves time and money. The Docking Station can be pre-installed – mounting and wiring it into place separately – while protected by a rain and dust cover until commissioning. At commissioning, the Draeger Polytron 3000 electronics is fixed by a quicklock mechanism into the Docking Station, the sensor inserted – and the system is ready for operation.

The Draeger Polytron 3000 is easy to handle with simple maintenance procedures. The DraegerSensors are equipped with a data memory where the calibration information is stored. This allows the Draeger Polytron 3000 to either accept a precalibrated sensor, or the sensor can be calibrated with the transmitter. Digital temperature compensation of the sensor signal is automatically performed.

With unsurpassed RFI resistance and versatile mounting options the Draeger Polytron 3000 is suitable for a wide range of applications.

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