Draeger Polytron 5700 IR

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The Draeger Polytron® 5700 IR is a cost effective explosion proof transmitter for the detection of flammable gases in the lower explosion limit (LEL). It uses a high performance infrared Draeger PIR 7000 sensor, which will quickly detect most common hydrocarbon gases.

The Draeger Polytron® 5700 IR with its stainless steel 316L enclosure and drift free optics is built for the harshest industrial environments such as offshore installations. The unique 4 beam signal stabilizing system makes the sensor resistant to dust or dirt deposits on the optical surfaces. Environmental and aging effects are compensated ensuring long term, drift free operation. The integrated gas library with up to 100 gases provides a high degree of application flexibility. Each of the gases listed there can be picked from the menu and automatically cross-calibrated with a standard calibration gas such as methane or propane. No need to consult the factory when applications change.

Polytron 5700 belongs to the Draeger Polytron 5000 series. All transmitters in this series have the same design and user interface. This allows for uniform operation with reduced training and maintenance requirements.

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