Draeger Polytron 5310

The Draeger Polytron® 5310 IR is a cost effective explosion proof transmitter for the detection of flammable gases in the lower explosion limit (LEL).

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The Draeger Polytron® 5310 IR uses an infrared DraegerSensor® IR that can be configured for methane, propane, or ethylene. A 3 wire 4 to 20 mA analog output with relays makes it compatible with most control systems.

DraegerSensor IR is a cost-effective alternative to catalytic bead sensors while offering several benefits. It is poison-resistant against chemicals that can shorten a catalytic bead pellistor’s life. Long life optics result in lower maintenance costs compared to pellistors. IR technology is inherently fail-safe, meaning no unrevealed failures. These benefits provide improved performance with excellent long-term stability and fast response times.

Weight 1 oz
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