Draeger REGARD 7000

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The Draeger REGARD 7000 was designed to meet the individual requirements of a wide range of different infrastructures. It processes analog transmitter signals and supports remote access via HART®. A Modbus RTU interface enables information in higher-level systems to be processed. Complex alarms can be fitted to suit your specific requirements, and switching delays can be configured to optimize your processes. The modular structure of the REGARD 7000 makes it possible to adapt the design of the system to suit your exact needs. The system can be altered or extended with ease, and can also be connected to existing REGARD equipment. This enables you to extend the management and documentation advantages of the REGARD 7000 to the entire system.

Suitable for gas warning systems with various levels of complexity and numbers of transmitters, the Draeger REGARD® 7000 is exceptionally reliable and efficient. An additional benefit is the system’s backward compatibility with legacy REGARD® controllers.

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