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When multiple wires & probes must pass through a pressure boundary, series WF feedthroughs can provide an efficient seal without recourse to epoxies or other non-adjustable fixture methods. Assemblies may be specified according to the type of element required to pass through the feedthrough and are suitable for up to 12 bare or insulated wires – sizes from 24 to 8 AWG.


  • Seal on Kapton® insulated copper or thermocouple wires – type WFS
  • Seal on bare wires carrying instrumentation voltages – type WFR
  • Seal on small sheathed sensors, max. 0.125” dia. – type WFP
  • Individual wires can be replaced without complete disassembly
  • Pressure range: Vacuum to 10,000 psi. Temperature: -328°F to +1,600°F *
  • Stainless steel body (316L), internal metal components and cap
  • Choice of sealant materials

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